Booking of Cisco equipment

The Cisco lab rooms contain equipment for all level of studies, such as CCNA, CCNP, CyberSecurity and firewalls in various configurations. A requirement to finish your education and acquire a solid foundation for your professional life is mastery of the physical equipment and this is exactly what our labrooms provide access to.

Students have access to and are able to book equipment in the following lab rooms: B112, B113, B114, B118 and B125.

Hard work and discipline in these labrooms have always been essential, giving students who graduate the skills to be very attractive for the job market.

Rules for booking equipment

  • You may only reserve two timeslots at the same time in the Cisco lab rooms.
  • Don't book these two slots across the lunch-break (Meaning from 10:00 - 15:00), rather stick to either morning/afternoon if you need double timeslots.
  • Ensure you return your station to its original condition before your timeslot ends so the next student kan begin on time.
  • When you reserve a slot, prioritize working together with a classmate to ensure everyone has a fair chance to access the lab.
  • Food and drink may not be consumed at the desks and must be left at the small tables located at the entrance of all the lab rooms.
  • University scheduled activities will always take priority over student reservations, see or the bottom of the booking page for the lab room to check upcoming scheduled activities.
Repeated violations of these rules can result in restrictions on your ability to access this bookable resource.